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Legal Video Services offers the following service menu. If you have a need that isn’t on this list, please don’t hesitate to call…we’d be happy to quote your job, no matter how big or small. Click on any of the links below to see more details regarding each service and our capabilities.

Video Depositions

Services ThumbnailWe’ve recorded literally thousands of legal video depositions.  We have vast experience in both the audio/video realm, as well as the legal media realm.  We are the premier legal video provider in Central Indiana — and beyond.

Independent Medical Examinations

Maybe you need to hold the doctor accountable to perform a trial-worthy exam, or perhaps you could benefit from hearing the plaintiff’s medical history as reported to the doctor first hand. A video record of the IME can provide crucial evidence to tip the scales your way.

Trial & Mediation Video Production

Trial thumbWe assemble the essence of your case into a short video presentation, complete with deposition testimony clips, documents with active highlights, animations, surveillance, etc. These are extremely persuasive, and can be used by both plaintiff and defense at mediation and/or at trial.

Aerial Videography & Photography

Areial videography 150Perspective can be everything.  Sometimes you need to see or demonstrate something that just can’t be captured from the ground.  We use small unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs, or “drones”) to carry high definition video and high resolution still cameras aloft to get the perfect airborne shots.

Video /Transcript Syncing

Text SynchText-synched video transcripts provide powerful tools for searching and creating “clips” from your video depositions.

Courtroom Presentation

Courtroom Presentation 150At trial, you need everything to go as smoothly as possible.  We get that.  Many attorneys would rather focus on their case presentation rather than the technology.  You can count on us to handle the audio/visual equipment for you, and make you look like a pro.

Media Conversion & Duplication

Media Conversion Jim 150 pxAVI to MPEG-4?  USB to DVD?  Any format, any media type, YES!  No order is too big or too small.  Just ask!

Interviews/ Testimony Preservation

Interviews 150When you only have one opportunity to capture the moment, you need a pro.  We will go where you need us and we will get it right the first time, in one take.

Portable Video Conferencing

Video Conference 150Sometimes, even with the best intentions and planning, you just can’t make it to that deposition.  As long as the deposition venue provides adequate high-speed internet service, we can connect you through one of several secure web-based conferencing services, from our camera right to your PC or laptop.

Video Surveillance

Video Camera Unsplash 150Covert and discreet. We can provide high definition video and photographs using either “manned” or hidden “unmanned” cameras. We have some very specialized equipment and experience to capture extremely powerful evidence for your case.

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